Local Light Pollution

Wasatch Front Urban Glow

Visible above the mountains to the west of Ogden Valley is the urban glow of the Wasatch Front, measuring Bortle Scale(level of light pollution)Class 8.0, equal to that of Greater Los Angeles.

Ogden Valley: Rural to Suburban

To the right is a graphicalanalysisof light pollution in Ogden Valley (prepared in 2001 using parsed images from the World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness). Huntsville (the black cross) then registered Bortle Scale Class 4.5 (yellow coding), representing a washed-out Milky Way and considered a rating of "rural/suburban transition."

Night Sky Brightness measurements are now more easily made through apps such as Dark Sky Pro (iPhone version 5 and newer). North Fork Park continues to give refuge from a "degraded nocturnal environment."

Other more developed areas are challenged and trending toward a "suburban" rating.

2021 Ogden Valley UT Affiliate, International Dark-Sky Association (www.starrynightsutah.org) (www.darksky.org)