Practical Guidance

Dark Sky Society Fixture ChartGood Lights for Good Nights

Residential Lighting Tips (Flagstaff, AZ)(updated each year; includes cost estimates)

Dark Sky Lighting Instructional Video (Harmony, FL)

What is Light Pollution? (short video from Mike Cavaroc, Jackson, WY)

Scenic America On-Premise Sign Control

Ask Your Electrician/Electrical Supplier

Ask your electrician or local electrical suppliers forfull-cut off or fully shielded light fixtures and select those which are compatible with your architecture and community.

If you wish to go further, contact the manufacturer's representative to see a sample of the fixture(s) and ask for a free lighting plan. Most lighting manufacturers have Application Departments which will execute free lighting plans to meet local lighting codes.

Outdoor Lighting Basics (IDA)

Dark Sky Bulbs

Bulbrite 509915 Base Up Dark Sky Bulb

Bulbrite 509916 Universal Dark Sky Bulb

Earth LED

Bulb used in national parks to address carriage light fixtures with base up: par 30 or par 38 LED with 2700 or lower Kelvin, 50 degrees or wider beam (numerous manufacturers) - dimmable or equal to or less than 75-watt-equivalent. Residential carriage light fixtures would use a smaller bulb - par 16.

See Eco Light Supply(IDA approved bulb).

Shielding for Existing Fixtures

Shields for existing bare bulbs:Progress Lighting Dark Sky Cup

Shieldsfor existing standard will not fit Philips par 38)

Shields for existing wall packs:1000 Bulbs

Shields for many types of fixtures: light shields recommended by Skykeepers

Cut-off and light blocker shields (numerous applications, including agricultural lights): Luminaire Technologies

Sources for New Dark Sky Lighting Fixtures

Lowe's Good Neighbor Lighting

Home Depot Dark Sky Lighting

Starry Night Lights(AZ) sky fixtures) sky walllanterns)

Lamps Plus (dark sky light fixtures)

Architectural Area Lighting (dark sky compliant)

Euro Style Lighting(dark sky fixtures)

Bellacor Lighting(dark sky fixtures)

Hinkley Lighting(dark sky fixtures)

Sea Gull Lighting (dark sky fixtures)

E Lights(dark sky fixtures) sky bulbs)

Lighting Direct (dark sky wall lanterns)

Lighthouse Lights (architectural and landscape lighting - specify "dark sky")

Landscape Lighting World(dark sky landscape fixtures)

Focus Industries(dark sky fixtures)

Amazon(search: "dark sky lighting")

Google (search: "dark sky lighting")

Search IDA Seal of Approval (Certified) Fixtures

Blue Spectrum Issues

IDA Study on Blue-Rich White Lighting

3M Light Blocking Film for Internally Illuminated Signs

Models 3635-20 and 3635-22


Ogden Valley Sign and Dark Sky Lighting Ordinances

International Dark-Sky Association

This international not-for-profit organization, with which the Ogden Valley Chapter is affiliated, is the single best resourcefor dark-sky issues, with highly practical guides, research on effects of light pollution, downloadable brochures,school kits, Model Lighting Ordinances,updates on legislation, and a broad range of other dark-sky material.Begin and continue your light pollution education here:

Losing the Dark,a short video produced for IDA, is an entertaining tutorial, appropriate for all ages.


NPR: 80% of Americans and the Milky Way

Utah's Crown Jewels of Tourism and Dark Skies (April 23, 2016)

KSL: Half the Park is After Dark(April 2016)

The Archaeology of Night: (Utah Public Radio, February 22, 2016) with Paul Bogard and John Barentine

Grand Teton National Park: time lapse videography (Mike Cavaroc, December 2015)

Charlotte: The Smart City That is a Little Less Bright(Politico, November 2015)

Losing Sight of the Stars (The Week, September 27, 2015)

National Parks and Dark Skies(Huffington Post, September 5, 2015)

CBS News: "How Bad is Light Pollution?" (with Bob Parks, IDA, November 29, 2013)

NPR: "Combatting Light Pollution" (Diane Rehm Show, September 3, 2013)

The Dark Side of the Sky: Protecting, Seeing and Recovering the Night (Shane L. Larson, Department of Physics, Utah State University)

Northumberland International Dark Sky Park and Economic Development (The Guardian, December 9, 2013)

The Headlands International Dark Sky Park and the "Economic Boom"

Northern Chile - Stunning Photography of "Cleanest, Darkest" Skies (Nicholas Buer)

Undisturbed Places (Namibia)

Star Trail Photography in National Parks(Vincent Brady)

McDonald Observatory

New Zealand (Otago)

PBS:The City Dark(aired July 2012) is anaward-winning documentary; trailer and extensive educational material can be found on PBS's POV site. DVD available $

Ogden Astronomical Society: supporting local experts and advisors to the Ogden Valley IDA chapter

Blue Marble Navigator - Night Lights 2012(Based Upon NASA Photographs),-78.643056

Impact on Wildlife

Bright Lights Bring More Bad News for Urban Bats

Wildlife-Sensitive Lighting

See The Milky Way Posters (Tyler Nordgren)

Eagle Mountain City, UT Fights Light Pollution

North Fork Park Receives Rare Dark Sky Designation (April 2015)

Saving the Stars: The Environmental Case for Protecting the Dark Sky in North Fork Park and Beyond

May 3, 2015Standard Examiner

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