Safety and Savings

Security Risk of Unshielded Floodlights

Glare gives would-be criminals a place to hide. Lower-wattage, downward-facing, shielded lighting more effectively illuminates a threat. In the first photo, left, the intruder is obscured by the glare of a floodlight. In the second, with glare blocked by a hand, the intruder can be seen. To be effective, floodlights must be shielded [photos andinformation about safety and lightingfrom IDA].

Wasted Light, Wasted Dollars

Estimates of waste in the United States alone center around a billion dollars a year to produce unused, excess light, the major source of light pollution. How can the waste of over-lighting make sense for any community? Photos, below left, show safe, economical, dark-sky lighting. [IDA Practical Guideon light pollution, Jim Richardson photo (Harmony FL)]

Interactive Lighting Designer: Need-Less Light Pollution Simulator

A powerful interactive tool, below, developed in the UK and endorsed by IDA, demonstrates the difference, situation by situation, between necessary and wasted outdoor lighting (Need-LessPublic Education Lighting Campaign).

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 11.12.35 AM

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